Posted by: NoCtrlZ | 2011/04/06

Cinnamon Squares

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been very busy recently and haven’t had time to bake! I recently went to a Conference in Luminy (near Marseille) entitled Recent Progress on Galois Module Theory. I had a great time there, it was very interesting Maths and beautiful weather! The following pictures pretty much sum it up:

I had a look round some Patisserie and Boulangerie in Marseille. I do wish we had more exciting and beautiful items like this in English bakeries.


The campus was right next to some gorgeous mountains. I decided to go for a mountain run one afternoon, and it was beautiful.

Now onto the recipe! This week I made Cinnamon Squares from Dorie Greenspan’s Book (page 210-211).

As you can see, I’m not entirely happy with how it came out. The cinnamon and chocolate part is meant to be in the centre of the cake, running all the way through. Unfortunately, when I poured the top layer of cake batter on top, all of the middle section (the chocolate & cinnamon) spread to the sides. So the pieces in the middle don’t have this layer in them, or if they do it is right at the bottom. I’m not sure how I’m meant to prevent that from happening, as the book doesn’t seem to offer any advice for it.

I also followed the recipe for the frosting exactly, but my frosting just turned out to be the consistency of melted chocolate (quite thin) and indeed it didn’t even set for a long time. Perhaps my kitchen was too warm, but my frosting looks absolutely nothing like the thick frosting in her photos (or indeed the others from Tuesdays with Dorie). The recipe (and a better example of how it should look like) can be found on Tracey’s Culinary Adventures.


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